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“I used to hate inspiration search ‘cause it took so much time. Not anymore though. Now I’ve got a huge library and a bunch of mockups, so things are turning around faster”.

Terry Cruz
Graphic designer
Lisa Chester
Marketing manager
Media buyers & marketers

Launch higher performing campaigns faster – discover dozens of outstanding ads in your niche.

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See how top brands use copy to communicate value and create compelling stories through ads.

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Mindy O’Neil
Robert Johnson
Business owners & creators

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We are donating 5% of annualized net revenue directly to AWEC Center (Kenya) to support basic needs for children in Rabuor village. Learn more


We donate 5% of annualized net revenue directly to AWEC Center (Kenya) to support basic needs for children in Rabuor village. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

How it works?
Where do you get ad examples from?

We curate ads from LinkedIn and Facebook network that includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network products. Our 2,000+ examples strong library is made of ~70% Facebook and ~30% LinkedIn ads.

As a user you will influence the library's content by voting on new updates. We are currently running a poll to select the next platform to add in 2022.

Why does it exist?

There are 3 main reasons why we exist:

  1. We exist to provide the best practical inspiration for creative designs and campaigns.
  2. We exist to provide an easy way to discover strong brands at the vanguard of innovation.
  3. We exist to drive the industry standards higher by exposing and celebrating stunning creative work examples.
Who is it for?

Anyone who's interested in creative production for paid media; in particular:

Visual designers and videographers – discover offbeat visualizations, aesthetically pleasing graphic design, clever use of layout, and more. Use beautiful real-world inspiration to create comprehensive mood boards and catchy ads faster than ever.

Media buyers and marketers – follow creative production trends and discover easy to reproduce ideas for your next round of creative testing or entirely new campaigns.

Copywriters – see how top brands use copy to communicate value, differentiate offerings, personalize experiences, and more to create compelling stories through ads.

Creators and business owners – see what the best of the best are up to in your industry. Use findings to tweak your ads or test brand-new concepts.

Creative and marketing teams – creative ads production is hard enough already. Use our digital platform to cruise through creative brainstorming and sharpen your teams' storytelling and visual skills.

How do you pick examples?

We developed a multi-level evaluation process for curating content. Before an example makes it to the library, we review the organization it is associated with. Among the factors are:

  1. Funding status (who backs it?)
  2. Estimated annual revenue (is it at at least >$1ml?)
  3. Founding team and partners (who created and supports it?)
  4. Traffic volume
  5. Creative and more…

… at the creative level, we look at groups of characteristics: concept, style, visual features, copy, etc., and search for specific ones the ad excels at. It can be one strong characteristic that make the ad stand out from the crowd (e.g. smart use of high contrast), but in most cases, it's a combination of factors (e.g. a fresh concept with a minimalist style and neatly animated graphics).

Why can't I just use Facebook Ads Library?

You certainly can, although we didn't create our platform to replace the one from Facebook. Short answer – we manually curate and categorize ad examples so you can build on top of myriads of creative ideas and specific techniques. And here's a longer answer.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, contact us within 24 hours after the purchase to get 100% money back.

I’ve got more questions

Feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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