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The best clothing ads – practical creative inspiration gallery

Clothing brands have always used traditional advertising techniques such as magazines, billboards and TV commercials. But things have changed over time with today's consumers switching between screens and channels at an increasing pace. Digital ads allow marketers to reach wider audiences via social media networks like Facebook or Instagram; YouTube works well too at drawing people towards videos that are more visual in nature.

Effortlessly is a digital platform that curates stunning clothing ads that excel at visual design, storytelling, copywriting and more. A closer look at a current state of affairs around fashion ads reveals some interesting trends. The most notable one is the continued popularity of minimalist design in clothing adverts: brands tend to use sharp photography and neat typography to highlight quality products or they introduce minimal elements of illustration (like the arrows pointing towards discount offers) to grab attention. Lots of examples of well-designed minimalism comes from high fashion names like Armani, Balenciaga, Dior, Hermes and others. These brands use simple but elegant illustrations with a touch of glamour and sophistication – the visuals they use are paired up with strong, clean copy that usually takes a small space and is slightly animated.

Some of the best clothing ads we have featured on the platform include: all-image posts with high quality photography of models wearing the clothing; stories told through images or videos with entertaining content, fashion ads that target a specific audience by interest, age, gender and other factors; ads that engage with trending topics to drive more awareness; and many more.

We also cover brands that use digital ads for branding purpose in order to create an impact among the public by increasing awareness about them instead of product promotion. So these brand building advertisements were not necessarily meant for attracting customers. For example, this KENZO ad that we featured on Effortlessly is one of the most viral ads ever made. It has garnered more than 12 million views on YouTube and is the best and most creative brand promotion video we've seen so far. The advertisement shows a young girl walking down the street in Paris tripping over as she goes along – then, suddenly, a dog appears to save her! Now you might think why would this hugely popular fashion brand come up with an ad like this? They had to build awareness about their brand which was new at that time so they came up with something totally unique that everybody could relate.

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