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Sale ad examples

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The Bet on Sale Ads: Why Can't Advertisers Stop Using Them

Sales have been a part of advertising since its early beginnings. Advertisers use sales because they are a tried and true method to boost conversions. Studies have shown that ads with a sale or special offer are more effective than those without, plain and simple. When done right, sales can be very effective in advertising. Here are some of the strong sides of using sales in advertising...

Advertising a product on sale can be an effective way to attract potential customers, both new and old. Through sale ads, businesses hope to engage people in a psychological process known as scarcity bias, wherein the perceived scarcity of an item deepens its appeal. Marketers may use sale prices to communicate the notion that certain items are available only for a limited time, giving people more incentive to act quickly instead of waiting around. People tend to fixate on sale prices since they represent the opportunity for significant savings; in fact, research shows that sale prices subconsciously make buyers feel better about themselves and their shopping decisions. Additionally, sale ads often serve as reminders for existing customers who may not have considered buying something until seeing the price discount or reward program promotion. By manipulating factors like time limit and exclusivity, advertisers aim to instill just enough urgency among consumers in order to ramp up sales figures from day one.

In practice, special offers and discounts can create a sense of urgency that drives people to take action. People are motivated by self-interest. They are more likely to respond to an ad if they feel they will get something out of it (e.g., a discount or special offer).

Sales can create a sense of exclusivity that makes people feel like they are part of an exclusive group or club. When used sparingly, sales can be a great way to add excitement and interest to an ad campaign.

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