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Carousel ad examples

Welcome to – we hand-pick carousel ads examples by prominent advertisers and curate Facebook and LinkedIn ads across 100+ categories.

The best library of Facebook carousel ad examples

At Effortlessly we cherry-pick Facebook carousel ad examples from the world's leading brands backed by prominent investors. We carefully study each creative at concept, style, copywriting and other levels so only the best of the best make it to the library.

What ad examples do we feature? Our categories include cars, hotels & travel, food & drink and many more, plus we offer a search by industries like healthcare, beauty, entertainment, etc.

The value of ad examples is manifold; ad concepts become clearer when approaching a topic which intrigues you or requires your attention. It also helps to see how others have approached that subject so it gives you ideas on how to apply those insights in your own work (and if not, then at least you've already seen it all).

It is a pleasant and useful experience to browse through our library and see carousel ads presented in all their glory (and potential). Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you so we have added several ways to sort your search results: by content type, size, position in a funnel, and etc.

The ad examples that you see on this site are from some of the leading ad campaigns of the top ad agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson, and digital advertising agencies such as R/GA, Google DBM Partners and more. This showcase is your opportunity to bring new life into your ad campaigns while building on some of the best ideas for carousel ads you may find today.

This ad gallery is designed with the web user in mind. All the ad images are high-res so you can easily zoom them or easily download the source files – images or video.

We believe this ad gallery will inspire creatives from any level – beginner or professional – especially those who want to bring something new into advertising world – create carousel ads like big brands do!

The carousel ad examples in this page are selected based on their creativity (the work itself), ad styles, ad concepts and ad content. They are also hand-picked to give you the most complete carousel ad gallery possible.

There are many things that you can learn from these ad examples. One thing that's most important is that good ad ideas should be captivating. Captivating ads grab attention and motivate people to click through to your website. Ad creatives are a time-honored ad medium. Copy that's compelling, and ad design with dynamic images will help you to create ad campaigns that stand out from the rest of the crowd. Great ad concepts are not just pretty or elegant. They're purposeful, strategic and meaningful, as well as memorable.

Another thing that's important to learn from ad examples is how ad creatives can be simple yet multi-functional. A good ad idea should be a single ad unit but crafted out into a variety of form factors, sizes and shapes such as square ad units or long vertical scrolls for mobile ads. You will see an ad unit with just one image transforming into two halves or four quarters of the same ad. No matter how many images you have, you should always try to keep your imagery strong and compelling.

Here are a few benefits you may expect by applying the new knowledge:

  • Improve ad conversion rates
  • Increased traffic to website
  • Less ad spend wasted on ineffective ads
  • Never miss the best ad examples again! No more endless searching.
  • Keep up with ad industry trends and never fall behind.