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Advertisers Use Unboxing Ads for These Reasons (It's Psychology)

You're scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see a video of someone unboxing a new product. It's usually a product that the person is excited about, and they show every single detail of what's inside the box. If you're like most people, you probably watch these videos even though you have no interest in buying the product. So what is it about unboxing videos that make them so captivating? And why do advertisers use them so frequently? Let's take a look.

Boxes are intriguing because they hold the promise of something new and exciting inside. We are curious by nature, so it makes sense that we would want to see what's inside the box. Advertisers know this, and they use unboxing videos to capitalize on our curiosity. By showing us exactly what's inside the box, they are able to pique our interest and get us to pay attention to their product.

But there's more to it than just our curiosity. Unboxing videos also trigger something called the endowment effect. This is when we place a higher value on something simply because we own it. The more invested we are in something, the more value we place on it. This is why people are willing to pay more for a car that they pick out themselves than one that is chosen for them. They feel like they have more of a stake in the car because they picked it out themselves.

Unboxing videos work in much the same way. By showing us all of the intricate details of the product, we feel like we have more of a stake in it. We feel like we know the product better than if we had just seen a traditional ad for it. And because we feel like we know the product better, we are more likely to buy it when given the chance.

Advertisers also use unboxing videos because they are an easy way to show off all of the features of a product at once. In a traditional commercial, advertisers would have to spend time showing each individual feature separately. But with an unboxing video, they can show everything off at once while still keeping our attention focused on the video.

If you're thinking about using an unboxing video for your next ad campaign, keep in mind that they work best when showcasing products that are new or exciting. Otherwise, you run the risk of boring your audience with an uninspired unboxing video. Sign up for our ads library to access unboxing ad examples by some of the best brands across the globe.