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Frequently asked questions

What is a curated library and how it works?

We carefully select the organizations and hand-pick every ad example that makes it to the library. That’s how we filter out the noise for you. We also tag every creative example so you can find what you are looking for 10x times faster. Whether you are in for a new visual design idea or a creative concept to test out in your next campaign, you can quickly get high-quality practical inspiration with deep filters and search.

Who is it for?

Here’s who benefits most from using Effortlessly ads library:

Visual designers and videographers – discover offbeat visualizations, aesthetically pleasing graphic design, clever use of layout, and more. Use beautiful real-world inspiration to create comprehensive mood boards and catchy ads faster than ever.

Media buyers, marketers, and creative strategisits – follow creative production trends and discover easy-to-reproduce ideas for your next round of creative testing or entirely new campaigns.

Copywriters – see how top brands use copy to communicate value, differentiate offerings, personalize experiences, and more to create compelling stories through ads.

Creators and business owners – see what the best of the best are up to in your industry. Use findings to tweak your ads or test brand-new concepts.

Creative and marketing teams – creative ads production is hard enough already. Use our digital platform to cruise through creative brainstorming and sharpen your teams' storytelling and visual skills.

Why can't I just use Facebook Ads Library?

You certainly can. Effortlessly does not directly compete with Facebook Ads library, because it offers a different experience. Facebook unleashes millions of its ads on you, so you will never run out of awesome ad creative examples. On the flip side, digging through piles of ads can be tedious and time-consuming. The thing is, Facebook’s library was never designed with creatives and marketers in mind (check this article from 2019 – it still holds up). If you are serious about ads creative, you probably spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it every month. Effortlessly can help you squeeze more value out of your budget with practical and well-structured inspiration at your fingertips. If you are concerned that a ~$15 monthly subscription won’t pay off, then it’s probably not for you.

How do you pick examples?

We’ve created an internal system of rules for curating content. It covers many aspects such as:

  1. Organization
    Does the organization have a well-developed brand identity and style?
    Is the organization that produced this ad example consistent with its craft?
  2. Creative concept
    Does this ad example excel at presenting a creative concept or ad idea?
  3. Visualization
    Does this ad example present a fresh or unique take on design or production?
  4. Remixing
    Is there a great approach to adapt or borrow?
    Is this creative example easy to remix?

...and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The example has to meet a few criteria to end up in the library.

I’ve got more questions

Feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What metrics do you use to decide if the ad should be in your library?

As of 2023, we do not take into account publicly available ads performance metrics for two reasons:

  1. We focus on copywriting and visual sides of ads creative, because we believe they have the most influence on the creative’s performance in a long run.
  2. Facebook provides limited performance data, while LinkedIn gives away virtually no data signals at all. We believe that sharing limited data adds no real value; it cannot (and shouldn’t) meaningfully affect your decision-making around ad creative production.
What platforms do you use to collect ad inspiration?

As of 2023, we cover Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and LinkedIn.

We are currently exploring ways to bring TikTok and Google into the mix.

How big is your library and how often do you update it?

As of January 2023, our library is ~3,000 examples strong. We update Effortlessly on a weekly basis and work hard to bring more quality curated content.

Can I submit my own ads?

In order to have your creative featured on Effortlessly your work has to meet internal curation criteria. Send a request to get featured.

Can I save ads from Instagram to your library?

As of now, this feature is not available. However, we are working on a Chrome extension to enable that functionality for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Can I share ads from your library with someone?

Yes, you can save the examples that you like to boards. Privately share boards with anyone in seconds. Inspired by Pinterest.

How does cancellation work?

You can cancel your subscription from your account anytime.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do provide up to 50% volume discount on annual subscriptions (3+ seats). To get a volume discount, please contact us.