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👼 👼 👼 👼 👼 👼 🌈 👧🏼 👼 👼 My adventure into motherhood has been a hard one, and if I could do any... See more
thing over again, or give my past self some advice it would be to get tested early. To ask the big questions and be proactive, even if I wasn’t ready to have a baby. Once We decided, we could have saved ourselves so much heartache had we sought out help sooner. So many people struggle in quiet, and part of my goals with this platform has been to scream from the proverbial rooftops to others who are struggling- that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am starting to team up with companies that help infertiles like myself with their products that I wish I had a decade ago! My first find is this at home hormone test from modernfertility . Is it a cure all? No. Is it a medical diagnosis, or pregnancy gaurantee? No. However they offer support, tips and tricks to understanding your hormone levels, and offer vitamins, ovulation/pregnancy tests and an easy to track app that brings you Peace-of-mind from your phone. Whether you want kids now or in the far (far) future, you can use your Modern Fertility results and resources to map things out, on your own terms. We don’t “wait and see” for anything else in our lives and fertility doesn’t have to be any different. 👼 👼 👼 👼 👼 👼 🌈 👧🏼 👼 👼 AD| Modern Fertility is here to meet you where you're at right now and wherever you'll be tomorrow. We’ll be right by your side for it all. Head over to modernfertility to learn more. I have to wait a few weeks to be sure I take my hormone test at the right time, but I will be sharing my journey here and on tiktok so make sure you stay tuned! Thank you to my partners at modernfertility for making me an ambassador and helping us on our journey to another future rainbow baby #infertilitywarrior #rainbowbaby #misscarriageawareness #PCOS #1in4 #modernfertility #fertilityjourney ofinstagram
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