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Concept is a central aspect of visualization of an idea designed to capture audience’s interest, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action. Each ad example may have one or more concepts.
Style feature is a noteworthy visual aspect that typically lives on aesthetics spectrum. A great ad usually has several style features relating to graphic design, typography, layout and more.
Funnel values identify the points in customer journey where the ad is likely to be displayed:
Top of funnel – awareness stage
Middle of funnel – consideration stage
Bottom of funnel – decision stage
Benefit is an element of a product’s value proposition. Each ad may feature one or several benefits. Consider an example of a personal care brand:
+ Emotional benefits (e.g. look great every day)
+ Functional benefits (e.g. repair damaged hair)
+ Feature benefits (e.g. packed with vitamin E)
Meta includes the meta-parameters of an ad: type, size and format.

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