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Why do we offer Facebook Ad Creative package?

Why do we offer Facebook Ad Creative package?

At Effortlessly we curate ads from the world’s most innovative companies. We break down ad examples to the tiniest details and thoroughly categorize them. We’ve been testing noteworthy concepts on the real battlefield with our clients for the last few years.

Thousands of tests later we’ve distilled a pool of simple, yet effective ad concepts that generally stand out from the crowd performance-wise. That’s why we created a package service. We tailor the strongest concepts to your business context and goals. It’s efficient, fast and easy.

How it works

Adam Dolan
Agency co-founder · San Diego, CA
“We order these packages to add extra value for our clients. Pays off for itself, everyone loves it. For us it’s really a no-brainer.’
What’s included

Up to 10 winner ad concepts

Think of a concept as of a key idea that drives visualization (e.g. testimonial, before/after, etc.). We will match relevant concepts with your business context and create a custom ads package for you.

real package example
real package example
real package example
real package example

Up to 3 variations per ad

Get several variations of each ad to test copy, layout, size, format and more.


Variation B: Different copy

Call to action

Variation B: Alternative call to action


Variation B: Button highlighted with patterns


Variation B: Alternative picture with eye contact

Get 20 creative assets
concept planning
creative copywriting
graphic design
George Borowski
Entrepreneur · NYC, NY
“Amazing value for the price. They’re fast and the creative is always on point, and always performs well. Highly recommended!’

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We will carefully review your application and get started shortly after IF it is approved.

$1,990 $2,490
Facebook Ad Creative Package
Concept planning
Creative copywriting
Graphic design
Up to 10 winning concepts
Up to 3 variations per ad concept
One-time payment
Total: 20 creative assets

Frequently asked questions

How it works?

Submit an application. If approved, we will send you a brief questionnaire, then schedule a brief introduction call. We will pick the most relevant ad concepts and start execution. As a result you will receive approximately 20 creative assets (80% static images / 20% videos with basic animations; source files are not included).

What happens if my application is declined?

We are here to help you make the most of your paid media efforts, not to rip you off. If your application is declined, we will notify you immediately and provide a brief reason for our decision. Our package is not for everyone – it has to be the right fit, and that depends on a multitude of aspects.

What’s the turnaround for a package delivery?

On average it takes 1 business week to complete the project.

How many review rounds do I have?

The package service includes 1 review round and covers style changes and minor adjustments.

Is paid media placement service included?

No, the package only includes creative assets. However, we provide placement and management services as a separate service; we’ll be happy to provide a quote upon request.

Can I get a refund?

No, Facebook Ad Creative package is non-refundable.