We believe that businesses can meaningfully give back to society. With ever-growing power, private companies are perfectly capable of working together to reverse the trend of growing inequality around the world. We believe that the private sector has no other option but to actively contribute towards building public good as long as the goal is to live in a stable, well-functioning society.

We have launched a social impact program to do our part and work to create long-lasting value. We’ve turned our attention to some of the least secure groups of people on the planet – African children. As a small business, we start small by donating 5% of annualized net revenue directly to AWEC Center (Kenya) to support basic needs for kids in Rabuor village. Technology has enabled us to provide a modest yet precise impact on the lives of a less privileged population, and the fact that we know exactly how our support materializes makes all the difference to us. We are planning to ramp up this program as our company grows.

Why did we choose to team up with AWEC

Effortlessly is a family-owned business (learn more about us). Previously we worked as contractors in technology, and one of our projects included managing a charity initiative – this is how we met Rebecca, the founder of the center. The project ended briefly, but the relationship was established – we were both touched by the hard work and passion that Rebecca and her team put into the good cause. We started sending small sums to the organization just to cover some of the very basic needs of new moms. It’s hard to comprehend the struggle of bringing up a child at a place with no water, transportation, or any infrastructure that most of us take for granted.

“When our son Marcus was born in late 2019, I had to reframe the concept of gratitude. I started valuing small things, like having food on the table and a heater that keeps our place warm at night. Around that time I’ve decided I’m going to do whatever I can to alleviate the struggle of those born with less privilege. Reconnecting with Rebecca to establish a new program felt like the right, logical step to make progress”.

Ana Datsenka

Effortlessly.io co-founder

What does the help look like exactly?

As of now, things are very straightforward: there’s a constant shortage of food and supplies in the village of Rabour (we are talking about the very basics: food, clothes, personal health, hygiene products, etc.). Every donated dollar goes towards making sure this shortage is reduced and hopefully eliminated over time. Occasionally the funds would be used for an important event or a small celebration because everyone deserves to celebrate life at least once in a while.

Longer-term vision

“My dream has always been to build Early Childhood Education Centers – a safe space for the mothers that will accommodate vulnerable children in our program”. As soon as Rebecca revealed what she’s trying to accomplish, that instantly became our north star. Eventually we are looking to help AWEC build a complex that is going to provide young mothers with a safe temporary place of stay (in the cultural customs of early marriage beatings, rape and emotional abuse are not uncommon). The complex will also provide short-term housing for volunteers and enable to host social events.

We are currently working on a list of all project deliverables; although it is clear we are looking at $30,000+ budget to bring it to life. We are hoping that through your direct contribution, our personal efforts and the efforts of those who want to participate we will achieve this goal in the next few years.

5%? You are making a show of it.

We start with small steps and aspire to make bigger ones. But how can you be confident someone is acting out of good faith? Simply disproving the statement doesn’t change things much. That’s why we prefer to answer with action: by consistently providing updates on our activities and staying as transparent as possible. By giving visibility to our cause we hope to amplify the impact – we hope that what we do will resonate with some of you and inspire to contribute at a larger scale. If raising awareness to amplify the positive impact takes to be doubted and criticized, then so be it.


Who do we work with?

Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre (Rabuor, Kenya).
Website • +254 725 574684

Donate directly via PayPal:

Contact person
Elva Rebecca Ondiek

Founder/Director of Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre, based in Rabuor, Kenya. Contact via email

Donation schedule

5% of annualized net revenue, paid out quarterly. Links to donation reports with the amounts paid will be published on this page starting from March 15, 2022. We will occasionally cover some of the program activities on our blog.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us